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julie eiselt councilwoman

My Fellow Charlotteans;

We are in the midst of one of the greatest eras of change in our city. Our growth continues to benefit many of us while at the same time leaving others further behind. The diversity of our population and its needs multiplies every day. We have recognized a profound gap in our ability to create economic mobility for all of our citizens. We cannot create economic mobility unless there is job growth and a robust economy. We cannot create the smart, equitable development and transportation systems we require without bold and fact-based decisions. We must lead through change. 

We will surely learn as we create change and perhaps make a few mistakes. If we work together in good faith to tackle these critical issues, I believe deeply, that Charlotte will be a city that does not look to chase the victories of other cities. Other cities will be chasing the victories of Charlotte. Join me in pledging to move Charlotte forward as a City for All. 

Please reach out to me if I can ever answer questions about our city council work at: julie.eiselt@charlottenc.gov, or on my mobile number:704-576-0431

I remain committed and honored to serve the people of Charlotte. - Julie

Eiselt, the top vote-getter in 2015, has been an effective council member in her first term. She is passionate about council work, asks smart questions and is attuned to the needs and concerns of voters from all parts of the city. She has earned a second term.

-The Charlotte Observer 8/17

Julie Eiselt was the top overall vote-getter in 2015 and has only garnered more support in her first term on the council. She’s well-respected across the board, endorsed by the Black Political Caucus, New South Progressives and REBIC (among others) and even has significant support among Republicans.

- Charlotte Agenda 8/17


2017 Primary Endorsements:

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