Julie Eiselt


My Fellow Charlotteans;

The past eighteen months have been a time of challenge for our city. A light has been shone, in some difficult ways, on the needs of our diverse and growing population. Many of our neighbors who work hard to contribute to Charlotte’s overall well-being do not always share the economic fruits they help to create, or get the respect they deserve. Others quite simply, need the help of a loving and compassionate community because of their limited resources.

I know that Charlotte's best days are ahead of us, not behind us. I believe we can rise to the challenge to work together, to learn from each other and to take the time to listen to our neighbors, who might have a story we all need to hear. I am humbled by your support, and honored to work hard for you to make Charlotte a city that values all people for their contributions, and lifts up all people to achieve success.     -Julie


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